Our family have been farming here at Worswell Barton for over 85 years. It has seen many changes through those years, as dairy farm up to 1976, and now a mixed farm with, Cattle, Sheep, Chickens, and Vegetables  which we sell on our little roadside stall in the villages of Noss Mayo and Newton Ferrers, part of our Wurzell Farm Fresh Veggies.                                     We grow a variety of crops, such as Oil Seed Rape, Wheat, Barley, Potatoes. Conservation is taken very seriously here at Worswell, we help look after the birds, bees, flora and forna, with Margins around our fields, and over winter stubles.

Our suckler cow herd of South Devons and Charollais are often kept on the cliffs with their young calves, helping with the good husbandry and conservation of the cliff ground, along with a flock of sheep, which we lamb in February / March /April.

We have taken on many different projects over the years along with the National Trust to Keep Worswell Barton as traditional as possible.

One project was to re-roof the property, and with a grant, put solar panels in to supply our hot water.

We also save our rainwater, in large tanks for the farm to use, whether to feed the cattle and sheep during the winter, or for Feeding crops during a dry period.

The latest project is to repair the Warren Wall, which, in places, has fallen down. To date, we have managed to repair one section, using local labour and materials. This project will continue over a number of years aided by donations and HLS grant. The National trust are great supporters in helping us achieve our goals, here at Worswell Barton

One of new ventures in 2016 was to start Wurzell Weddings Venue a unique field venue with Moor to Sea views. Wurzell Weddings can offer a variety of Packages to suit what ever you want on your special day, a blank canvas for you to create your unique day,  other events are also considered.

Our aim is to help you enjoy your stay here at Worswell, and make you feel at home. Whether you stay for 1 night or a week. If you like to explore, then Worswell may well be just what you are looking for.